Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you find jobs for teachers?

No, sorry, we cannot help people find jobs.

2. Do you recommend places people can contact if they need literacy or numeracy help?

No. We suggest that they contact the Reading, Writing Hotline at This website can put people in touch with providers in their area.

3. What does QCAL do?

  • We are a voluntary, not-for profit, incorporated association.
  • We offer professional development in the forms of conferences and seminars.
  • We provide our members with a regular newsletter, WRITE ON, and a separate, smaller publication, TUTOR TIPs through this website.
  • Non-members can access the Contents page of WRITE ON and a list of the topics and authors of TUTOR TIPs in Resources on the site.
  • We also have regular emailed e-news, which provides information about conferences and other events which might be of interest to our members.
  • We advocate for appropriate literacy and numeracy provision for adults who need to develop their skills.

4. Who are your members?

Teachers, trainers, tutors, volunteers, researchers and librarians who work in the adult literacy and numeracy fields; in short, anyone interested in the issues of basic literacy and numeracy for adolescents and adults.

5. Do you help people with English as a second language?

No, not usually.  People who are born in Australia and need help with literacy and numeracy generally have different needs from those who do not speak and write English as a first language. However, in small centres sometimes there are not enough students to form separate classes for native speakers of English and people who speak other languages. In these places adult literacy teachers often have mixed classes.

6. Do you sell books or other resources to help people with reading and writing problems?

No, but we have a list of books, booksellers and online materials in the Resources section of this site.

Or you can consult:
The Language People bookshop
Phone: 07 3831 7633
Level 2, 370 Queen St, Brisbane (between Creek & Wharf streets)
(At premises most week days after 2.30pm. Confirm by phone beforehand.)