Sat. 19 May 9.30am Kenmore Library
$5 fee
Registrations mid April

Arizio Sweeting

Promoting literacy for adult learners using an articulatory approach to pronunciation teaching

with short lead- in by Hazel Davidson

Speaking for spelling, non-standard Australian English

Arizio’s Abstract & Bio:

Direct articulatory pronunciation instruction is an important step to help adult learners develop the proper phonological decoding and increase efficiency and fluency in their reading skills.  It also has positive consequences for their spelling and writing skills. In this hands-on presentation, ideas for integrating kinaesthetic pronunciation techniques into adult literacy learning will be demonstrated.

Arizio Sweeting is an expert in the articulatory approach to pronunciation teaching and a teacher educator with over 25 years of experience in adult teaching and learning.  He is committed to helping language teachers in different contexts to integrate kinaesthetic pronunciation techniques into their classroom practice.  He can be contacted at