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New Tutor Tip: Using rapid antigen tests with students by QCAL/ACAL committee

Using Google Docs, Google Forms and Adobe Express Webpages with Adult Literacy Students with Gavin Mackinney

In the workshop Gavin will share with the participants how collaborative digital technologies with (even low level) literacy students were used interactively. Southbank TAFE ALN 1 class students learned how to access and use Google Docs, with tables that helped them to format short answers to […]

New Tutor Tip: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): How teachers can help – by Maree Stevens

Trauma-Informed Practice in the Classroom: Some understandings of traumatised learners and practical strategies to help them

Maree Stevens’ presentation ad

The session will comprise:

  1. An overview of current work – high school with population of students with a large trauma base and low levels of literacy along the outer western corridor of Brisbane.
  2. A little about trauma impacts and cumulative harm impacts on brain development, including showing a 5- minute […]

Write On December 2021

Free Zoom seminar ‘How far we’ve come’ introduced by Remy and Dean18 Nov 7pm

Unpacking a reading strategy and useful online tools with Laura Russian

Laura Russian PD for QCAL 16 October 2021

This presentation will unpack a reading activity adapted from the Jigsaw approach (Aronson, 1970). While the strategy was originally designed and developed for a traditional face-to-face class, Laura will outline simple modifications which render the activity engaging and interactive in a synchronous online setting. Laura will […]

Write On August 2021 now available to members

June 2021 Tutor Tip available to members: The Golden ratio: A strategy to engage adult numeracy learners by Vishweswar Chilumkurti

Member registration for the Digital Literacy seminar on 17 July

For members to register for this event, you need to log into the Members’ area, go to the Calendar for 17 July and click on the seminar details. The process from there should be straightforward.