For any student group, whether primary, secondary or adult

Speaker:   Dr Sue Creagh

Saturday 17 March 9.30am

Coopers Plains Library

107 Orange Grove Rd, Coopers Plains

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Dr Sue Creagh is a lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Queensland.  Her teaching role at the university is primarily with pre-service teacher education programs in which she teaches Literacy Across the Curriculum and EAL/D Curriculum Studies.  Sue was a teacher of ESL for many years prior to her position at UQ.  Her current research interests are in the educational experiences and outcomes of disadvantaged young people, with a particular interest in students of refugee background. This is coupled with a strong interest in the ‘how’ of teaching language and literacy for empowerment.


Sue worked with Milpera staff in 2015 on an action research project which aimed to improve teaching practice specifically in relation to the teaching of reading to English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners who are commencing secondary school in Australia with no prior literacy skills.  For this QCAL presentation, she will draw on that project, presenting the most recent literature pertaining to the teaching of reading to EAL/D learners, with a particular focus on bottom up and top down skills.  This approach will resonate with adult literacy learners as well, as it offers a comprehensive framework for thinking about the process of reading and how these processes can be incorporated into teaching activities to support the development of reading skills.  This approach can support literacy pedagogy with any student group, whether primary, secondary or adult, with varying experiences of literacy in first language.